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  • Get ready to revolutionize your business with a suite of technologies – AI, Deep Learning, Self-service portal, quality management, agent performance management, real-time monitoring, and many more.
  • KruptoConnect Cloud solutions make it easy to replace your legacy contact center by delivering call distribution, Omnichannel contact, and IVR from a consolidated resource in the cloud. The pay-per-use subscription model makes it easy to afford and deploy. Zero investment in hardware, software, telephone lines, and IT personnel.

  • Give your customers a quality experience every time they do business with you!
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Transform your contact center technology and performance

Transform your contact center technology and performance

Basic Features

Voice Recording

Our system offers 100% call recording, both inbound and outbound. Agents can pause and resume live recordings. Recordings are automatically stored with customer activities for easy analysis, helping you understand intent, maintain quality, and gain valuable insights.

Call Control

Our system provides a seamless and professional web experience to agents with features such as dial, hold, mute, blind and warm transfers, Pause and Resume Recording and call conferencing.

Web Callback

Our system offers Web Callback, enabling quick responses to visitor requests for a sales call. Through APIs, your website integrates seamlessly with your call center, adding inquiries and callback requests to your outbound call list.

Local and Toll-Free numbers

Get local and toll-free phone numbers from multiple countries or port your existing phone numbers to optimize or expand your global business.

Call Disposition Codes and Notes

Retain important information about the customers by adding call summary notes and disposition codes to the call logs and integrated CRM.


IVR streamlines customer interactions, reducing costs. It guides callers, uses custom prompts and music to enhance your brand, and supports self-service or agent-assisted service for a better customer experience.


Non-Business Hours or during long wait times, customers are allowed to leave voicemails or request a callback so that the agents can revert to them at their preferred time.

Outbound Caller ID

Set Caller ID based on Campaign or Agent to increase connection rates and save time and money.

Business Hours

It is now possible to set the Business hours of each IVR or routing Flow. Outside business hours an alternative message (Message Closed) will be played and customers can be given the opportunity to leave a voicemail.

In-Queue Announcements

Engage the customers productively while they wait in the queue. Using the ‘In-queue’ announcements, provide additional information or promote products, or use this to boost cross-selling to your customers.

Incoming Call Whisper

This feature prompts the agent of the incoming call, and its location before s/he answers the call. This prepares the agent on how to handle the call. A message is played to the agent while the customer hears the bell ringing.

Custom Agent Statuses (AUX)

This feature helps agents manage their tasks during after-call time, ensuring calls are only routed when they’re available. It also aids managers in monitoring agent productivity.

Advanced Call Management & Routing
Internal & External Integration

CTI Screen Popup

The system can be configured with custom contact form and call fields that will be used to store relevant customer information, and when fields such as an account number are used in the IVR to uniquely identify the caller, all of the caller’s data is automatically presented to the agent with each connected inbound call.

CRM Integrations

Our system provides integrations with leading on-demand CRM solutions, enabling companies to take full advantage of the benefits of cloud computing and increase productivity for employees in virtually any department. Once an inbound call is connected, the agent application can open an appropriate contact, case, opportunity, lead, etc. Each displayed phone number becomes a clickable link to make an outbound.

Remote or Geographic Agents

Since our Agent application is entirely browser-based, agents can log into the system from anywhere in the world, so long as they have an Internet connection. Supervisors and administrators can easily monitor their remote agents as effectively as if they were in the same building, by listening to recordings, viewing their real-time performance results, and sending messages to them individually or broadcasting to the entire group.

Customer History

Automatically display customer interaction history with your business, including previous calls, emails, chats, and cases, so agents are well-informed before every call connects.

Monitoring and Reporting
Get Notified

Desktop Notifications

Receive a notification when your phone rings so that you can accept the call even if you are working on a task outside of Telerain’s web application. Notification will provide information on the Customer Caller ID and Queue from where the call came in.

Email Notifications

Define notification rules that alert you by email when an event happens so that you know when a call is missed, voicemail is received or the Customer has a bad satisfaction score.

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