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Email management software

Despite the increased use of social media, email is still an important customer service channel and certainly for many customers! A robust email response management application that intelligently processes and routes E-communication like emails, fax, inquiries, letters, etc.

 Key Features of our Email Management Software

Discover the Features That Power Our Email Management Software

The Power of Email Management Software

Maximizing Productivity with Email Management Solutions

Explore how email management software can significantly improve your organization’s operational efficiency by automating workflows and streamlining email communication

Empower your organizational department by automating email management processes and bringing in the desired efficiency. Predefine the business rules for pre-routing, handling, and post-routing processes using the visual workflow designer.
The way and the time interval at which responses are received by the customers can speak volumes about your organization. A timely, short and to-the-point response for a query definitely goes a long way to build the customer satisfaction and credibility of the company but the quality and consistency of the responses over the time do matter in businesses. With new agents joining the team, the consistency of the replies can take a hit. The centralized knowledgebase for standard queries helps the agents (specially the new ones joining the team) to respond in a consistent manner thereby increasing their productivity and response time.

For more complex queries, senior agents can bring in their expertise. Supervisors can set the rules for the outbound emails such as scanning certain predefined words or phrases, routing the flagged emails to the editors before the email reaches the customers, ensuring multilevel scrutiny.

A centralized knowledgebase for a standard set of queries, consolidated history of data for each customer improves access to information for the agents. Routing each email to the best available agent or generating relevant responses to each email helps in improving agent productivity as well. Supervisors can predefine the routing rules and agent monitoring for better team output and performance. They can also make use of semantics and text recognition to generate auto-suggestions from the knowledge base. A productive agent helps in building a successful business.
Can’t get more simpler

Making emails easier, responses better, and teams more efficient

Customer History

Complete customer support history of every customer in single view, without having to dig deeper.


Routing rules, AI routing rules and intelligent routing rules to assign interactions to specific agents, it is always clear who is responsible for what.


Stay on top of the most important customer support metrics in real time


Multiple properties of tickets like Status, State, Category, Sub-Category, Priority, Urgency etc. to help agents know where the interaction stands.

Private Notes

Multiple notes options with private and public tags to help collaborate behind the scenes with notes that only you and your team can see.

Realtime Detection

Easily see who else is watching the same interaction or replying to the interaction to avoid embarrassing double replies.


Integrate with any tools with our simple to use API without limits.

Quick Replies

Quick answers to common questions at your fingertips to easily insert them into the interaction.

Rules & Automation

Speed up your workflow by using rules to automatically change properties of interactions, notifications to customer and many more.


With Workflow rules, you can set up powerful automations to take care of repetitive tasks using simple condition checks and take actions

Satisfaction Rating

Collect qualitative ratings on total interaction or specific reply and also comments from customers so you can improve.


Stay in the loop with notifications in your email, browser, or on your mobile device.

Can’t get more simpler

Making emails easier, responses better, and teams more efficient

Different deployment models handle the various diverse client demands

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