• February 16, 2018

Role of ERP Software in an Organization

Role of ERP Software in an Organization

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In a rapidly changing business environment, it is impossible for most of the organizations to create and always update a unique custom designed software catering to all its requirements. This is the scenario across the globe and hence to help businesses, information technology firms have designed and developed the ERP software.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the latest high-end business process management software that integrates all the data and processes of an organization. It is used by the organizations to manage the office and automate the business functions.

ERP software uses multiple components of computer software and hardware to achieve the integration. ERP software solutions cover all the business processes and functions like manufacturing, supply chain, finance, human resources, sales, quality control, customer relationship management, warehouse management and decision support system.

Advantages of ERP software are:

Better Analytics – Measuring performance is vital in evaluating business progress and setting up future goals. For a growing business to calculate the sales profit, margin and other metrics manually could be a herculean task. ERP systems allow you to maintain and access all your financial data and metrics without the need to manually maintain it. ERP software automation saves time and gives easy access to the data.

ERP systems also generate synchronised reports on the business metrics. These reports are easily accessible thus enabling you to take quick decisions.

Improved Workflow – With ERP software all the processes get streamlined and the employees are able to get the relevant information required for their job easily which improves the workflow. ERP software makes each and every employee’s job easy, which leads to increased productivity.

Streamline the Process – The primary function of ERP is to integrate all the functions of the business into a unified platform. Many businesses still have their data stored in multiple locations and systems making life difficult for their employees. But, by centralising the data and giving simple access to the employees increases the efficiency of the business.

Cost Saving – ERP software helps you in saving few bucks that can be utilised in some other aspect of your business. ERP system unifies all your systems under one platform. Systems like product development, supply chain management, IT support, human resource and customer relationship management are integrated into one unified platform. No fragmentation is required and you save money by eliminating the need for different players and different systems.

Transparency throughout the Organization – Data security and integrity is crucial for any business. Your data should be accessed and processed by the right people. When you use the ERP software, your data is maintained safely and the access of the data is given only to the people who you have authorised. Also, ERP helps to maintain strategic information in one place.

Business Accounting – For simplicity in business accounting ERP systems play a key role. A growing business will struggle with accounting process if following the manual methods. Financial report and even the everyday accounting will require a lot of time if done manually. But with the ERP software, all the required time is reduced and the accuracy is increased.

Redundant Data – Redundant data is the data that has been repeated, which leads to inconsistencies and confusion. This is the biggest problem with the non-centralized data management systems, where data is stored in multiple locations. These redundancies can be eliminated with the use of ERP software.

Customer Satisfaction – A satisfied customer leads to a fruitful business. But keeping your customer satisfied is not as simple as it seems to be. If you have customer and inventory data housed on two different platforms, then updating could be difficult, which may spell trouble while dealing with the customers. ERP helps in maintaining updated information that helps customer representatives access accurate and updated data while dealing your customers.

To conclude ERP implementation is the key to efficacious business function and maintenance. For successfully implementing ERP software for your firm please contact us at Ideas2Goal Technologies.